Appointment Information

Preparing For Your Appointment

Although we do accept walk-ins, the best way to have your taxes completed is to schedule an appointment in advance. When doing so, please take into consideration that our main objective is to complete your tax return in full during that initial visit (whenever possible). So, take some time to prepare for your appointment prior to arrival. This eliminates the need to make unnecessary trips to the office or faxing required documentation at a later date.

Another way that you can expedite tax preparation time is to send documentation in advance. You can either fax (817-900-7157) or email ( [email protected] ) your documentation in advance. That way, a great portion of your return information can be completed prior to your arrival.

Finally. Please allow at least an hour and a half of uninterrupted time for your appointment. In doing so, your return may be completed in full before you leave. Of course, complex returns will take much more time and you’ll have to pick up the completed return at a later date.

What to bring with you to file your Income Taxes:


Personal Information:

  • Prior year tax return(s) New Clients
  • Driver’s license or State ID card
  • Date of birth and social security cards for all dependents
  • Health Care – Form 1095-A, B or C to show proof of health insurance coverage for self and all dependents
  • * if an HSA distribution was taken – medical receipts for usage
  • * proof of premiums paid, if not through an employer


  • W-2, 1099Misc, 1099-G,1098 and K-1 statements
  • Self-employed – gross income received and expenses listed by category (we can provide a template
  • (if using your home as an office, bring utility expenses, home improvements, direct office repairs, etc)
  • Rental Property- gross rent received and expenses listed by category (we can provide a template)
  • (if a new property, bring closing papers/ purchase information)
  • Gambling winnings – statements of wins and losses
  • Investments – Brokerage statements, purchase date, and price for any sales and any related expenses
  • (cost basis information is not always provided on tax statements and is not always correct)


    • Homeownership – Mortgage interest statement and Real Estate taxes paid
    • Estimated tax payments made
    • Sales tax paid on big items (i.e. a new vehicle)
    • Charity – records of cash and non-cash donations to religious organizations or other charities
    • Unreimbursed job expenses – travel, cell phone, tools, uniform cost/clean, trade journals, continuing education/seminars, professional fees, meals & entertainment, job search/moving expenses, business use of home expenses

    Childcare – Provider’s name, address, EIN and amount paid for the calendar year

    Retirement – records of any IRA or other retirement contributions made

    Education related expenses – Tuition and higher education expenses (Form 1098-T)

    Moving Expenses – if you moved for employment reasons, you may be able to deduct some of your expenses